Canadian Citizenship

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Canadian citizenship is a privilege and as such there are regulated requirements that you must meet or earn eligibility. The stakes are high when applying for citizenship to another country, and we advise that you seek professional and highly skilled representation to assist your efforts, especially when you don’t meet all requirements or have been in Canada for a time. It is imperative that your journey towards citizenship be a dedicated endeavour that is progressed with honest and meaningful fact and intent.

We regularly and successfully assist with the following types of citizenship cases:

  • Canadian Citizenship (Adult)
  • Canadian Citizenship (Child)
  • Waivers of Requirements for Grant of Canadian Citizenship in Special Situations
  • Obtain Proof of Canadian Citizenship for a Child Born Abroad to a Canadian Parent
  • Obtain a Canadian Citizenship Certificate from Inside or Outside Canada
    Resumption of Citizenship
  • Search of Citizenship Records
  • Renouncing Canadian Citizenship
  • Revocation of Canadian Citizenship

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