Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration to Canada/USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How are TCM services managed for governmental clients, business clients, and diplomatic and foreign government representative clients?

For Governmental clients, TCM is ideally located in the National Capital of Canada, Ottawa. We have provided specialized services to domestic and foreign government departments and agencies. For example, to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) we advise on international migration issues like labor mobility, control, and facilitation. Additionally, we are known for drafting holistic policies and programs that outreach conventional processes.

For businesses, our team of consultants and associates will work with seamless execution through any mobility issue that an employer or staff-member might experience when immigrating on temporary or permanent basis.

For diplomats and foreign government representatives, TCM is proud to be the immigration service provider of choice for a great many. For those posted to Canada or posted elsewhere but wishing to make Canada their permanent home, we can help achieve this outcome.

Why should I hire the services of a certified immigration consultant/specialist?

Companies and individuals usually don’t have the time to keep up with the never-ending changes to the laws, policies and programs. Most levels of government attempt to provide information through websites, published directives and manuals to assist those who believe that they can do it on their own, but those who have tried can tell you it’s not easy, especially if your case isn’t considered routine.

Complex legislation and constantly changing bureaucratic processes can derail your case if an inexperienced practitioner handles it and one small oversight or misrepresentation can turn into lengthy delays, a refusal, or even worse, a ban from entry. Placing your trust in TCM from the beginning removes those risks and saves you from having to navigate appeals (if available) or expensive legal proceedings that often prove fruitless.

The benefit to a competent certified immigration consultant is that your applications are done right the first time, and all the follow-ups are managed on your behalf.

Does Trans-Continental Migration offer a money-back guarantee?

No. There are no refunds for any of our services rendered because of outcomes – especially in complex cases – depending on factors beyond our control. No one inside or outside the government can legally guarantee immigration application outcomes. We pride ourselves on having built a reputation for responsive and transparent services with proven successful results.

How are your fees structured?

We have flat fees for most services except for special projects and non-case-related consulting services. Fees for special projects are customized for the specific job.

Why does TCM charge a premium for Emergency Services?

Emergency Services are available to existing clients only. An Emergency Service requires TCM to drop everything we are working on in order to re-direct focus on a single urgent case. The urgent matter often requires long hours of overtime, working evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Overtime pay is more expensive than regular pay; rush services generally cost more. Emergency Services are not for everyone, but if you need it, we can deliver.

I served in my country’s military and saw active combat. Would that likely trigger more scrutiny in my background checks?

Yes, especially if you held a position of authority in a country with which Canada has poor to no diplomatic relations and which is known for abuses of human rights, genocide, rape, torture, chemical weapons, and or weapons of mass destruction and other unpunished war crimes.

Is it illegal to transfer large sums of money to a relative abroad? or security concerns?

The short answer is no.

Due to Canadian anti-money laundering laws, there is a requirement to report any and all money transactions into and out of Canada of $10,000 or more made by individuals or entities. Every transaction that occurs above the $10,000 CAD equivalency requires an investigation by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).