Diplomats and Foreign Government Representatives seeking Permanent Residence

Diplomats and Foreign Government Representatives

Diplomats and Foreign Government Representatives with official status and working in Canada may be eligible to apply for one of Canada’s permanent resident programs.  If you are posted abroad in a foreign country and have not worked inside Canada as a foreign official, you may still be eligible for selection as based on your foreign work experience and other requirements.

As a starting point, the information most commonly asked by foreign government officials posted to Canada is whether the work performed at their Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions/Agencies inside Canada, is recognized as valid Canadian work experience for the purposes of the Canadian Experience Class.  The answer is a qualified yes provided you had valid temporary resident status during that period of employment.  A deeper understanding of the issue brings to light that foreign nationals who are authorized to work pursuant to Section 186 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations don’t need to hold a work permit to meet the work experience requirement of the Canadian Experience Class.  They hold temporary resident status with the authority to work in Canada.  They are described in what is referred to as the Exemption Categories for work without a work permit.

Who can I include in my application for permanent residence?

You can include your spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, including same sex partners and dependent children.  Defacto family members may be considered in special circumstances.

With regards to a child born in Canada of a diplomat or foreign government representative posted to Canada, the child does not have a right to Canadian citizenship by birth. If you are a foreign government official from a country with limited or bad relations with Canada and some of its allies, or from a country with which Canada has serious criminal and security concerns, these concerns will likely impact your application for permanent residence. Over the years,

Elda has assisted many diplomats and foreign representatives to obtain permanent residence. She will review your personal situation against the eligibility factors and let you know where you stand. Should inadmissibility concerns arise, she will guide you through the process and prepare you for an interview, should one be requested.