Canadian Citizenship

Canada Citizenship Ceremony

Applying for Canadian citizenship can be a tricky business, with a multitude of variables to take under consideration. For example:

Did you know that some countries automatically strip citizenship rights from those who obtain a foreign citizenship? 

It’s important that you seek as much official information as possible from your home country about the consequence of obtaining citizenship in another nation before making your decision.

Did you know that not everyone born in Canada has a right to Canadian citizenship?

It’s important to assume nothing and to ensure the correct standing of each family member. For example, a child born in Canada of a Diplomat or Foreign Government Representative on official business posted to Canada, is NOT a Canadian citizen.

Did you know that what you do during your time in Canada can influence your eligibility for Canadian citizenship?

It is imperative that you understand what is required of you based upon your current standing prior to going for citizenship.

For example, a permanent resident in Canada who applies for Canadian citizenship must meet certain requirements to be approved for a grant of citizenship.  An application for grant of Canadian citizenship must include proof of:

  • Years of physical residence inside Canada 
  • Knowledge of Canada determined by a citizenship test results and an interview
  • Adequate knowledge of one of the official languages
  • Canadian income taxes filed, and payment of any income taxes owed
  • Police Certificate if age 18 and over
  • Proof that you are not prohibited from obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Did you know that there may be options available to you if you fail to meet requirements for grant of citizenship?

The Citizenship Act provides for Special Waivers in rare and deserving situations.  Applications for Special Waivers are assessed at IRCC National Headquarters.  Decisions are rendered by delegated Senior Officers of the Minister.  These submissions are demanding, extremely complex to argue, and rarely accepted.

Did you know that you can lose your Canadian citizenship if you are tried and convicted of fraud tied to your application for Canadian citizenship? Keep in mind that there is no statute of limitations. 

Elda Sarte-Nosé