For a complete archive of cross-border immigration legislation, please visit the official websites for your country of interest. 

Through our Opinion Center we share opinion pieces (whether you agree or disagree) with the intent of sparking interest, table-talk, and further conversation about immigration and citizenship-related topics. Additionally, we seek to attract opinion articles from others who have voices of interest and authority on the topic.

The inspiration to create an Opinion Center reflects Elda's expertise in immigration practice and her passion to act as educator and mentor on the topic as she has done for most of her career.  As a naturalized Canadian from a multiracial, multinational, and multi religious family, Elda once stood where many of you stand today. She arrived in Canada not speaking English and was a visible minority during a time when discrimination was prevalent within the school system; a time when Canadian girls did not have pierced ears (as done in Italy at the time) and who’s mothers didn’t wear black clothing from head to toe – black kerchief a must, in respect for a deceased relative. 

This Opinion Centre is and will continue to be work in progress, offered to you, with respect and openness.