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Get a feel for how your case will be managed and have a direct call with an immigration specialist prior to making a commitment about your case.

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Immigrate to Canada

Permanently Moving to Canada

There are several ways to apply for admission into Canada, and we want to get you there.

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Canadian Citizenship

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Canadian citizenship is a privilege and as such there are regulated requirements that you must meet or earn eligibility.

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Immigration to USA

Moving to the USA

We work in partnership with various US attorneys who are experts in US immigration law.

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Diplomats and Foreign Representatives

Stay in Canada Opportunities

Canada values the work of diplomats and foreign representatives, and credits their professional standing with national opportunity.

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I'm in trouble

Facing a Difficult Situation

A troubling immigration background requires specialized knowledge, meaningful discussion, and a detailed approach to solve the issue.

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Newcomer Orientation

Settling in Canada

We are proud to offer, to both our individual and corporate clients, the option for transitional services.

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About our President

Elda Sarte-Nosè

With decades of experience and mastery of immigration law, I launched Trans-Continental Migration Inc with a vision to change the way immigration services are provided – to individuals, companies, and governments.

My approach prioritizes transparency, process efficiency, and personalized representation. I will tell you upfront whether you qualify for an immigration program. I will remove the guesswork from complex government policies and remove the struggle by navigating you through the red tape. I will understand you as an individual, and your case as it represents you, to achieve successful results.

With a career steeped in learning and teaching, I’m passionate about improving upon old methods in an effort to advance the practice of immigration for future immigration professionals and applicants alike.

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Come to Canada.

Visit Canada.

Stay in Canada.

Canadian Citizenship

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It is our promise to be responsive, flexible, trustworthy, and helpful. We understand that our clients are sometimes fearful or anxious about crossing international borders and respond with honest and professional guidance to reduce stress and build confidence. It is our passion to breath life into your immigration submission by ensuring that your unique background and life-story is acknowledged, seen and evaluated for its special merit. Your success is our success, and we handle it with pride.

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Making Time

Our business is about people. Our passion is the same.

When the Covid19 Pandemic struck, our president Elda Sarte-Nosè organized a team of like-minded volunteers to campaign for PPE donations from businesses and corporations. With much success, Elda and her team delivered medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, firefighter and paramedic emergency response services, and a local First Nations rescue group.

On a more personal level, Elda used her culinary passion to thank essential service workers by delivering carefully-crafted food items. It was important to her that she bring the comforts of home to those who could not stay at home.

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To all who supported our communities, vulnerable and sick during the COVID-19 pandemic, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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