Skilled Workers Applicants and Express Entry

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Skilled Worker Applicants and The Express Management System

Express Entry is a type of immigration levels management system; it isn’t an immigrant program.  The pre-Express Entry skilled worker classes were and still are valid.   As such, eligibility criteria in each of the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and the Canadian Experience Class must still be met. 

Eligible candidates are accepted into a pool of hopefuls, waiting to be selected to make a formal application for permanent residence based on the information they provided about their background.  What changed is the way candidates are processed.  It’s no longer about who applied before whom. 

Express Entry is all about a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of points awarded for certain factors that might trigger an Invitation-to-Apply for immigrant processing under one of the above-skilled worker programs.  Complex legislation and constantly changing bureaucratic processes can derail your case if an inexperienced practitioner handles it. 

One small oversight or misrepresentation can turn into a refusal, or even worse, a ban or removal from Canada.  Place your trust in an experienced practitioner to remove those risks.